Ostomy support belts and briefs give relief and discreetly keep a secret easy to carry with. It is important to know how they work and to be aware of their reliability in daily life.

The stoma can be permanent or temporary and is less and less experienced by patients as a problem with no practical solutions. Today, in fact, you can confidently rely on ostomy support belts and briefs. Underwear for ostomates is now made with models and fabrics tested to be efficient, effective, practical and invisible.


Freedom and safety: today's ostomy support belts and briefs

Let us not forget that the stoma always brings a certain 'social fear'. Those waiting for a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy have a fear in their heart: that their daily and social life will deeply change. The ostomate patient is led to think of himself as a person with a disability that can forbid the daily and social life they lead before.

However, it is worth observing that

medical science provides clear and useful indications for a correct lifestyle

technical research has developed aids to hide and simplify the daily life of ostomates

Those who have undergone an ostomy operation can therefore rely on dietary, hygiene and behavioral indications that support both the post-operative course and the subsequent time.

Even travel and sport are no longer a taboo for ostomate people who follow the doctor's instructions and who use ostomy support belts and briefs appropriately.


How stoma support belts and briefs work

Ostomy support belts and briefs are full-fledged undergarments, but they are equipped to accommodate and support the bag. Orione ostomy briefs, both in the men's model and the women's ostomy briefs, are in fact equipped with an internal pocket that houses the pouch.

The inside pocket is made with the same fabric of the slip so as not to bother the skin and not to cause rustle and noise, thus being invisible.

An ostomy slip must be made with excellent quality yarns and materials since it will be in contact with our skin and must last over time:

high waist

▪ with a good seal and elasticity

▪ with comfortable and high quality fabric

▪ easily washable

The ostomy support belts also help to avoid the formation of stomal hernias.  Orione ostomy belts, in particular, are designed and manufactured in such a way as to compensate for the strain of the abdominal muscles when they are weak. They consist of 2 pieces:

▪ a stabilization belt made with a particular woven knitted fabric that stabilizes and supports

a soft panel with adjustable hole for the support of the bag made of breathable and equally soft fabric.

It goes without saying that it is important to ensure excellent hygiene of the peristomal skin according to post-operative indications. We are our best friend and assistant!