Very small, invisible to the naked eye, dust mite are guilty of many respiratory and skin diseases. The dust mites however  get nourishment from dead skin, and they live to our close contact causing rhinitis, asthma, eczema and allergies. The dust mites are difficult to completely eliminate, of course, but hygiene standards, anti-mite products and new generation materials reduce a lot their presence and action


Home hygiene: first anti-mite rule

The stronger  the problems of allergies to the mites of the inhabitants of a house are,  the more important a deep hygiene of the house is. The surface cleaning is in fact the first battlefield against dust mites that irritate skin and nasal passages: not only children, who are also the most susceptible to asthmatic or irritative problems, but also many adults.

Some tips often underestimated, but always important:

• Change often the air at home and do not keep the heating too high.

• Use vacuum cleaners with specific anti-mite filters for daily clearing.

• Remove rugs and carpets from the floors and possibly use washable carpets because they are the preferred habitat for mites.

• Choose covering, pillowcases, mattress covers that are washable and made with anti-mite fabric.


Orione Homecare: the latest generation fabrics

The anti-mite fabrics are the second ally against dust mites, after the accurate hygiene of the surfaces and floors of the house. Pillowcases, sheets and mattress covers are in fact made with materials designed to constitute a real barrier against mites.

Orione's anti-mite products are made with extremely thin polyester microfibre fabric that allows more than 1,000,000 microfilaments per square. Microfilaments overlappeed one on the other in each direction form a special weave that guarantees an effective barrier against mites and allergens.

Orione also gives certainty of breathable, washable and practical fabrics, just because of the function they have to perform. The Orion anti-dust mite linings do not contain pigments, glues or other additives and are not subjected to chemical impregnation treatments. And also the zipper is packaged in order not to interrupt the anti-dust mite barrier.