Anti-Embolism stockings are essential in any situation of post-operative and bed rest that requires immobilization of the lower limbs. It is really important to trust the doctor who prescribes them and use them immediately to avoid even serious problems of venous thrombosis. We have to identify if  stocking thigh or single-leg tights stockings are more suitable for us and what is the right size to give the necessary compression to the leg.


When to use anti-embolism stockings?

When a patient is in bedridden, after a surgical operation or for a permanent disability, he runs serious risks of venous thrombosis. The doctor's prescription to wear anti-thrombus stockings is natural.

Poor or absent mobility is in fact a dangerous cause of thrombus formation. Wearing anti-embolism stockings increases the speed of blood flow in the veins and limits the formation of thrombus.

ü  Until when should I use them?

It is important to wear anti-embolism stockings and single-leg tighs stockings for the entire duration of bed rest. We should not discount what the doctor indicates.

ü  Can stockings be removed at night?

Anti-embolism  stockings cannot be removed at night. In fact, mobility during the night is less than during the day. Instead, the preventive elastic stockings can be removed.

ü  What if sometimes I walk?

When a bedridden person gradually resumes walking, he can remove anti-emoblism stockings when he takes a few steps. He has to wear them when he gets back into bed and stays there for long hours.

ü  And when do I wash them?

Never leave the limbs without stockings or knee-high socks: let us get a change. Washing has to be

- possibly daily

- with mild soap


How to choose anti-embolism stockings and anti-embolism knee-highs

First of all we have to choose the size that suits us. We can follow the instructions: Orione anti-embolism stockings cover all sizes

ü  Thigh stocking, mono-tights or knee tights anti-embolism?

It is essential to follow our doctor’s instructions

ü Open or closed toe?

Unless specific indications are given, it is better to choose thigth stocking, mono-tights and anti-embolism knee-high with open toes. It is easier to inspect the foot.

ü  Pay attention to the edge. Avoid the lace effect

All Orione stockings have a special poly-extensive mesh insert that prevents the tourniquet effect and improves fit and comfort.

ü  Focus on toe and heel

Orione anti-embolism stockings, included anti-embolism knee-high, respect the most important indications:

- open toe for easier inspection of the toes

- molded heel so that they stay in place

- silicone in the upper band to stay still without tightening too much or giving allergies.