The anti-mite bedding is a truly functional innovation to prevent the proliferation of tiny organisms that cause so many problems for the skin and respiratory system.

The mites are invisible to the naked eye but are responsible for many inconveniences and true chronic diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema. Many children and young people and also many adults suffer from problems due to the presence of mites on home and work surfaces.

Why can we intervene with anti-mite bedding? Because these organisms feed on even the smallest residues of our skin and therefore they have their ideal habitat in fabrics and sheets.


Anti-mite hygiene rules

It is not possible to completely eliminate the mites from the fabrics, but to prevent their presence effectively is possible and necessary in case of light or strong allergies.

The first fundamental action is the general hygiene of the rooms. Deeply and daily. It is the first front of the war on mites, we can say.

Ventilating rooms at home or at work and not keeping the heating too high is the first golden rule.

• Vacuum cleaner: use specific anti-mite filters

Rugs and carpets: they should be completely eliminated because, together with the sheets, they are the favorite habitat of mites. Alternatively, you should choose rugs that can be washed frequently.

Anti-mite linen: if we are subject to allergy to mites, we must prefer washable sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers made with anti-mite fabric.


How does mite bedding work?

The anti-mite bedding is made with innovative fabrics, designed to constitute a real barrier against mites. The Orione mattress covering and Orione anti-mite pillowcases are made of extremely thin polyester microfiber fabric: in fact, it allows to obtain more than 1,000,000 microfilaments per square meter.

The microfilaments superimposed on each other in each direction form a special texture that guarantees an effective insurmountable barrier against mites and allergens.

It is possible to choose a mattress protector of various sizes according to your needs. And comfortable anti-dust mite pillow cases.

Orione gives certainty of breathable, washable and practical fabrics. That is why the zipper of the pillowcases is also packaged so as not to interrupt the mite barrier.