After a trauma, an operation or during a period of rehabilitation we are often prescribed the use of an arm sling: the model depend on the position in which it is necessary to immobilize the arm and the shoulder.

Not all traumas to the bones shoulder –that is humerus, scapula, clavicle– need the same immobilization. It is therefore important to check with the doctor which model best suites  our needs.


Arm Silg fo total immobilization

In all cases where it is necessary to prevent the movement of arm and shoulder, we have to choose a strong arm sling, a reliable arm / shoulder immobilizer. For postoperative, for the treatment of  dislocations and fracture of the humerus and shoulder dislocations, safe locking is required. At the same time we need a brace that does not damage or injure the skin, but is in soft and padded fabric. And that is easy to wear and adjust. A therefore reliable and comfortable arm sling.


Shoulder arm sling with cushion

Even the models of Orion Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer that seem simpler, are actually designed to support the upper limb with safety and comfort for the wearer. We do not have to underestimate even a mild trauma or a post-operative that appears simple.

It is also often necessary to stabilize the arm at a certain distance from the body. When, for example, it is necessary to stabilize the limb due to nerve injury or during the postoperative period of the rotator-cuff reconstructions.

An abduction pillow is then used in order to give a specific angle of space between the arm and the body, depending on what we need. The arm to be treated can therefore be placed on a high-intensity foam cushion covered with fabric comfortable gripping with adjustable belt to ensure optimal fit.