Elastic Taping was born in the athletic field, but was immediately applied also in non-professional field and in daily use to relieve painful symptoms and support muscle recovery. In fact, there are many benefits of elastic taping and the uses for which it is applied directly to the body by specialists.

Using colored elastic patches seems a simple and almost fun practice, but it is a professional use and it ha sto be done by competent and experienced hands.

An innovative use specific to the joints are the supports with elastic taping integrated into the fabric: as one with the fabric of the brace to adhere perfectly to the joint and make the elastic taping work efficiently but without compressing.



How the Power Band Orione Integrated Elastic Taping works

Thanks to the Power Band Line, Orione offers elastic taping integrated directly into the Knee support, Elbow Support and Ankle Support. It is an innovative and exclusive system, thanks to a 3D design and cut and a fabric reinforced with elastomers but thin and not oppressive.

In this way the knee, elbow and ankle Supports guarantee

perfect fit during movement

better support

greater joint stability without constrictions.

Power Band Elbow Support, Knee Support and Ankle Support increase proprioception during movement, help reducing muscle fatigue and allow the body to perform more effectively.

The integrated elastic taping promotes the biomechanical action of movement by reducing the effort of the joint and giving a feeling of protection and stability.


Integrated Elastic Taping: sport and post-operative safety

When resuming sports or after an elbow, knee or ankle operation, it is important to choose suitable elastic bands to support the recovery of the movements.

We should prefer supports made with efficient materials, but also light and breathable, such as Power Band Orione. The risk is not to use them because they are not very bearable and then damage the joints.

The Power Band Supports with integrated elastic taping are true companions in free time, sports and even work for those who spend many hours at the computer.

The Orione Elbow Support with Integrated Taping, for example, helps the biomechanical action of movement by reducing the joint effort and giving a feeling of protection and stability. The 3D design and cut of the thin and light fabric combined with elastomeric materials ensures a perfect fit.