There is plenty of feet products available today and many are easy to use. It is therefore important not to neglect daily care and above all to choose quality products.

Orione OK PED Line offers a range of specific, high-quality and easy-to-use products. Foot care is not just a question of aesthetics, but really a question of the health of an often neglected part of the body.


Healthy feet: daily care

The first care is proper hygiene using foot care products that are suitable for our skin and our problems:

- Non-aggressive soap: the skin of the feet is always wrapped in socks and shoes and is rather delicate.

- Antifungal soap: some people are particularly prone to fungus and mycosis, especially when frequenting gyms and swimming pools. A specific soap can be a good habit.

- Footbaths and scrubs with an abrasive sponge: an evening or even daily footbath is a simple remedy for tired feet. Orione offers the innovative OK PED abrasive sponge, which has an ergonomic shape and is made with a soft-touch material: it is therefore easy to hold and reach all parts of the foot. Dry skin must be removed constantly to prevent corns and calluses from forming.


Products for problematic feet: corns, blisters, back pain

Neglecting the feet often leads to calluses and blisters. This can be caused by unsuitable shoes or poor posture. Often the podiatrist will refer you to another specialist because the problem is due to incorrect walking.

- Foot insoles: Back pain is often caused by a foot that rests badly for a long time. A thin silicone insole, a silicone heel cup or a gel archsupport can provide comfort and often solve the problem if we have not neglected it for too long.


- Callus protection: The formation of corns can be effectively counteracted with callus pads or specific hammertoe protectors.


- Hallux valgus: This is a widespread problem, especially in the female population. It can be contained by the timely use of toe separators or by wearing a specific daytime or nighttime bunion corrector.