Helping us walking or strolling comfortably and safely is what we ask of sticks, crutches and walkers. A flexible toecap is the plus that can make the difference in making us independent and safe, especially on rough terrain, both in the city and in the country.

In fact, we often refrain from going to areas of the city or neighborhood where we know that the road surface is not perfect, perhaps an ancient area with an irregular porphyry floor. Or we give up a walk in a public garden or in the countryside because we fear that our stick will not support us well.


Flexyfoot is amortized and flexible

Flexyfoot Home-Care is a new toecap: it is amortized and specifically designed for users of crutches, crutches, canes, tripods and walkers It infact increases grip on any terrain even disjointed, ground floor, stairs.

Thanks to a special integrated damper and swivel 360 degrees absorbs impact and shock in a lasting way, by not passing on the user impacts. In this way it strongly decreases pain in the hands, wrists and shoulders, as it reduces tension and the load on the joints.


Adaptable: special design and material

The shock absorber is articulated Flexyfoot HOME CARE allows to automatically adjust the angle of support with the ground. In this way it maximizes the contact area and consequently the support and grip on the ground increase.
The base plate is made with a particular blend for greater durability than traditional tips.
And when it is consumed, we can quickly and easily replace the base.
The special design also helps to keep the cap clean.
This amortized spike is used instead of regular tips and it is easy to install: we only have to remove the normal test leads and replace them with support Flexyfoot.

Patented and available in different sizes

Flexyfoot Home Care is a patented toecap and widely used as it is made with a high grip material and a sit is designed to have a longer life than traditional tips.
Flexyfoot is available in 2 sizes: we can choose the correct size simply measuring the diameter of the walking stick we use.