The feet are a part of the body that is often overlooked. We think about their wellness only when summer comes and when we feel the desire to discover them. We then realize that we simply locked up our feet in winter socks and shoes "forgetting them".

The wellbeing of the feet, the care of the feet, has instead to be practiced costantly, because it is only in appearance just an aesthetic cure. Let us therefore take the spring as an opportunity to start with healthy and pleasant habits.


Foot hygiene: healthy and soft skin

Appearance does not always deceive. A shoe that is too narrow, or excessively worn at a particular point, causes compression and rubbing on the toes or the heel or the instep. If removing the shoes we notice that our foot has absorbed the color of the upper or of the insole  it means that the colors or materials are not really healthy.

§ Wash with non-aggressive soap: the skin of the foot is actually rather delicate, precisely because it is always wrapped with socks, stockings and shoes.

§ Dry very well: to avoid mycoses, especially if we are sensitive to this problem

§ Footbaths and scrubs: they are sometimes necessary to deeply soften very neglected skin. We can just add bicarbonate to the water. Or we can use an abrasive sponge: some of them, like OK PED Line, have a 360° ergonomic design,are oblong, for an easy grip, to easily reach all points of the foot. Dry skin must be removed constantly to avoid the formation of calluses and corns.


Corns and blisters: when the foot is problematic

A foot with calluses and blisters is a problematic foot. It means that the shoe or the way we walk are not adequate. And we need to take care of it right away so as not to aggravate the problem and worsen the health of the foot or our posture: having feet hurt means walking badly and often causing back problems, to the spine.

§ Insoles for feet: it is often enough to insert just a thin insole in the shoe to have comfort to the feet and walk better.

§ Protective patches for calluses: calluses formation is prevented by callus protection pads adapted to our fingers. Carefully observe the shapes of the patches before choosing: OK PED by Orione offers for example different possibilities of calluses protection pads to select through.