Hallux valgus is a problem, indeed a pathology, unsightly and painful and we often wonder what to do, if the hallux valgus corrector really works.
It is a metatarsalgia that affects the first toe and affects the female population in particular: 1 in 4 women has a problem with hallux valgus. 
The most effective perspective is certainly the prevention of hallux valgus, but at the same time it is important to know that
correction is often possible before reaching surgery.
Preventing hallux valgus
Hallux valgus originates from the bad posture that the toes assume. The main causes are:
Unsuitable shoes, with very narrow toes or unsuitable for the foot wearing them.
Overweight, which then also weighs on the feet
Some forms of arthritis
Familiarity, genetic predisposition
It is essential to intervene at the first symptoms to observe the main symptoms:
 plantar callousness
 pain in the metatarsals
begin of overlapping ogf fingers
Let's help with:
ice, in case of acute pain,
anti-inflammatory creams
 bandages to keep the fingers in the correct position
The hallux valgus corrector: how it works
The hallux valgus corrector, for day or night, is the simplest, most comfortable and effective aid to use. During daily activity, 
a daytime hallux valgus corrector helps to correct the realignment of hallux valgus, thus decreasing pain.
The adjustable tie rod allows you to vary the tension helping to correct the alignment of the big toe. 
Made of a comfortable thin and ultra-light material and easy to wear. It fits almost all types of shoes and can be worn under socks.
Orione also offers a nightime  bunion corrector for hallux valgus, similar but not equal to the corrector to be used during the day with footwear.

In fact, it allows the foot to remain in the right position during the night by correcting the unnatural "X" position of the big toe.

It reduces torsion and helps relieve pain by allowing perfect tension regulation.