Waking up with a little or intense neck pain or backache means starting the day and carrying it out with greater effort. After all, there are many factors that determine the quality of the sleep and it is worth considering carefully if our situation can be improved.


Healthy sleep habits

We all too often take for granted that we know the precautions we should be aware before sleeping in order to ensure a good, full and invigorating sleep. It is not always possible to comply with all the "hygienic" rules that help a good sleep, but we should take them at any age as habits.

Regular hours - lying down if possible at the same time is the first habit that helps the body create its own sleep-wake rhythm

Light meals - do not overeat in the evening, avoid high-fat, fried foods, seasoned cheese and chocolate; prefer rice, barley, fish and white meat. And above all do not lie down when you have eaten, even if you are very tired.

Sleeping position - avoid sleeping on your stomach: it is perhaps the worst position for posture of neck, column and digestion…

Pillow and mattress - avoid supports that are too old and soft because they do not favor the real relaxation of the column, especially of the cervical spine.


The ideal pillow: what characteristics it should have

A good mattress and a good pillow are always a healthy choice for the quality of your sleep and your health. The choice of a pillow is obviously personal, but we do not always choose what really fit us. It is often the orthopaedist or the physiatrist who suggests or imposes us an orthopedic pillow.


Like Orione HomeCare, an orthopedic pillow has to adapt to the anatomical characteristics of the spine.


An orthopedic pillow has to be made with an adequate internal structure: Orione HomeCare for example has a double-height support with a diversified profile on both sides.


Unlike other pillows that are often too soft, too rigid or deformed with the weight of the head, Orione HomeCare orthopedic pillow allows to maintain the right position of the neck and spine during the night.


Antiallergic anti-mite, Orione Cervical Ortophaedic Pillow is sold in a non-deformable vacuum-packed hygienic package, which reduces the volume without altering the quality of the materials.

It has an internal structure made of Heliocel, a special type of breathable, washable and hypoallergenic polyurethane, non-deformable, with bacteriostatic and fungistatic treatment. And it has a 100% pure cotton lining.