Inguinal hernia briefs, as hernia belts, are prescribed in case of mono or bilateral hernia in the groin area. If we are prescribed to use them, we have to remember to check with the doctor or specialist staff:



method of use

time of use

 Choosing the right aid, and wearing it for as long as necessary, is essential for

▪ avoid an operation

▪ wait for it without aggravating the situation

▪ fully recover after an operation


Let's learn about trusses and inguinal hernia briefs

A simple, bilateral or recurrent inguinal hernia is the leakage of a part of the bowel which can be abdominal fat or a part of the small intestine. Mostly at the beginning it is limited and not very painful, but it should not be neglected. It can have two dangerous consequences: intestinal constriction and intestinal blockage.

Orione products are made with top quality, breathable yarns that promote movement.


ü Slip inguinal hernia to contain the hernia The inguinal hernia does not have a medical solution, only a surgical one. Often, for specific needs or possible complications, the doctor decides not to operate on a patient or wait. It is therefore essential to wear inguinal hernia briefs to contain the hernia. Orione hernia briefs are made in a wide range and allow the insertion of compression pads, ideal for reducible hernias, in the post-operative period and in maintenance to avoid recurrence.

Some models of post-surgery day hospital briefs have a use strictly linked to hernioplasty interventions in day-hospital scheme.


ü Containment and prevention briefs

The inguinal hernia slip is a garment that accompanies persons suffering from hernia for a shorter or longer period. The Orione Line also offers models of inguinal hernia briefs in pure cotton that give high restraint, excellent breathability and comfort.

High quality cotton is combined with innovative elastomers.


Hernia trusses

The doctor may prescribe the use of a hernial belt instead of a slip. It almost always happens because the inguinal hernia truss gives more support.

The function performed by hernial girdles is similar to that required for inguinal hernia briefs. They can be monolaterial hernia trusses or bilateral hernia trussess.

They adhere perfectly to the body and are adjustable to compress where it is needed.