In case of inguinal hernia, restraint is essential. Trusses and support briefs for inguinal hernia are the aids, or rather the clothing, that the doctor recommends:

▪ for reducible inguinal hernia

▪ while waiting for a hernia operation

▪ as a postoperative

It is important to strictly follow the doctor's instructions when indicating what to wear for appropriate restraint.

Today, yarns and models allow you to make support briefs, boxers and hernia belts suitable for every need.


Containing without pressing

An inguinal hernia in fact must be adequately contained, but not excessively compressed. It is important that the pressure point, at the same time:

▪ is stable

▪ allow freedom of movement

To control the hernia without aggravating its action we need a good balance. And in the post-operative period we have to allow healing in a natural way.


Pre and post-operative briefs and boxers

Generally, however, a slip or hernia belt is worn while waiting to be operated. It is important to purchase a garment of the appropriate model and size according to the doctor's instructions. And wear it scrupulously according to method and time he indicates us.

The Orione Line covers all the needs of pre- and post-operative hernia containment. Unless specifically indicated, briefs and boxers perfectly replace the hernial belts.


Support brief and Boxer for reducible inguinal hernia

It is not the norm, but in some cases an inguinal hernia can be reducible or for other reasons and pathologies the doctor may say that it is not appropriate to operate.

The doctor can then indicate to wear a specific panty, like ours.

All of them ensure proper containment of the hernia through the supplied compressive pads. And they guarantee comfort and freedom of movement thanks to breathable, hygienic and easily washable cotton yarns.


Inguinal hernia truss

A hernia truss is usually prescribed for the pre-operative phase and when we need a strong containment.

The function performed by hernial trusses and belts is similar to that required of support briefs and boxers. However, a truss can be:

mono lateral hernia truss

bilateral hernia truss

They adhere perfectly to the body and are adjustable to compress where it is needed. The Orione belts are equipped with anatomical pads covered in soft nappa.