We often wonders why to choose a support with integrated taping and not simply sewn over the brace fabric. How it works and what the difference in the results. Let us discover how integrated taping works and why it is really effective in the Orione Power Band sports line.


What is Integrated Taping in the fabric

We know taping is a few millimeters thick cotton tape that adheres to the skin of the body thanks to an acrylic, latex-free adhesive layer. It was conceived again in 1988 but above all in Italy it has been in stable use only for about ten years.

The tape, thanks to the movements of the body itself, is able to mechanically stimulate the muscle on which it is applied. It stimulates the microcirculation and consequently the oxygenation of the cells and the proprioception of that muscular area by the rest of the body.

The integrated taping therefore really supports the muscles on which it works: it ensures stability and support to the joints during movement, but without constriction. It helps to safely move practicing sports, post-operative recovery, post-traumatic recovery or as a prevention.

Efficient taping: ally in reducing effort
Torsion, standing, forcing, permanent stress are not only potential traumatic actions, but simple daily movements or sports activities. After a trauma or fearing to stress too much knee, ankle or elbow, they can scare us. The recovery after an accident or practicing sport safely should not be a worry.
Knee pad, elbow band and ankle band Power Orione can count on an exclusive taping that ensures perfect fit due to 3D design and cut and a thin fabric, but adequately strengthened by elastomers. In this way we can feel a compression that reassures and accompanies the movement without forcing either the joint or the surrounding muscles.


Fit and feeling of stability
Orione Power Band products are suitable for everyday life and sport because they are designed and equipped with specific details for each joint. Inside the knee cap, for example, there are extremely thin siliconed parts that prevent the knee cap from slipping but they do not annoy: the knee cap keeps the correct position even in stressful situations, such as mountain running –as you can see in the specific video that analyzes a performance on a mountain path– of about 2000 m difference in altitude.

We can find again the pleasure of going for a walk, cycling or moving without fearing to stress too much articulations and muscles or to lose control of the joint itself. Each product is also selectable according to the size necessary to guarantee further certainty of adequacy and comfort.