Did you know that wool is a material that proves to be a true ally in dealing with or preventing muscle pain, 
osteoarthritis and rheumatic problems during the winter months? We often underestimate the so-called 'traditional materials',
but their composition offers high and functional performance.
Pure wool and angora wool are increasingly used to make braces that are simple to wear and very effective in their function.
Also in the office under everyday clothes or for practising sport.
Many rheumatic and joint diseases are worsen by the first cold or they arise because
we underestimate the damage of lowering of the temperatures.
Knee and Elbow: sport in safety thanks to wool
Angora knee pad and elbow pad can help us in everyday life and sport. In winter we often give up sports fearing the damage of cold 
on joints already compromised or in a recovery process. This may turn out to be a not useful choice because it lazes the joints and the muscles.
An angora elbow or knee pad are the right solution because they are warm and light, 
do not 'sting' and perfectly adhere the body without rolling up. We can move freely, preventing the joints from the harsh climate.
And when we need a stronger support we can choose a
knee cap with elastic fabric and wool.
Preventing  shoulders from muscular pains and osteoarthritis 
Shoulders are an area at high risk during winter. Arthrosis, muscular pain and diseases typical of the elderly are really around 
the corner if you find yourself unprepared. An
angora wool shrug is often the easy and comfortable solution. It is easy to wear under clothes,
very day or in winter sports, and we can count on a healthy, continuous and well distributed heat; and on complete freedom of movement.
Comfort and prevention with belts and woll insoles
To a good lumbar wool belt we can ask to give off warmth and to be comfortable and wareable under our clothes. 
For those who want more softness, Orione offers the
variation in soft angora wool.

Our feet have also to be protect during the cold season: an extra wool insole will solve many problems ensuring our feet comfort and warmth.