Can silicone insoles make the difference for heel pain, bursitis, plant pain and even back pain? Yes, if the quality of the materials and the design guarantee us insoles that put our feet at ease. An at ease foot, received by insoles of appropriate thickness and adequate elasticity is the necessary condition to face:

- an entire working day,

- a post traumatic recovery

- a sporting activity carried out safely.

The proposal of OK PED silicone insoles satisfies the range of needs of weight unloading and offers specific models.


Shockproof: thin, but robust, reliable and not bulky

For insoles and orthotics we ask for a stress-relieving action on the muscles and protection from shocks and vibrations. Every model of Orione OK PED insoles guarantee stability and protection, and different composition, support and wearability.

Lined Silicone insoles and Shock Absorber Gel Insoles are indicated above all for daily and preventive use by those who:

Ø  stands many hours and is at risk of:

- heel strikes

- tendinitis

- bursitis

- metatarsal pain

- heel spur

- plantar fasciitis

Ø  lives a post-operative period

Ø  want to play sports preventing the above mentioned diseases

Both insoles have a high anti-shock capacity, have a non-invasive thickness and adapt to any shoe, even to female models.


Silicone insoles in different layers. Whole discharge and diabetic foot

Everyone his insole. When we need to fully discharge the calcaneal or metatarsal weight we have to identify a light but sturdy arch support. Medical Grade Silicone insoles with specific reinforcements at the level of the transverse and calcaneal discharge can adhere to the shoe in the right places, thanks to microsuckers.

Very similar is the structure of the insoles suitable for the prevention and treatment of the diabetic foot. In this case the slabs are made in two layers with different densities. They also have a further reinforcement at the metatarsal level and a calcaneal drop insert designed for the pathology.


Anatomical OK PED insoles: strength and softness of skin, silicone, latex foam

The OK PED line includes anatomic insoles designed to guarantee maximum comfort and support for the feet by adequately supporting the lower limbs when there are important phlebological problems. Not infrequently, the insole, or rather the anatomic footbed, is indicated by the doctor to help the venous circulation of the legs.

It will always be the doctor who suggests the purchase of a leather and silicone insole (unisex model, for women or men), or leather and latex memory foam depending on the type of support you need.