Temporary or permanent, the ostomy is less and less fetlt by patients as a problem also thanks to the aid of intimate clothing that simplify the management of the everyday life.

The 'social' aspect initially worries a lot of those who are waiting for a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy. Quickly the doctor helps to find out that:

- medical science has devised solutions and provides indications on lifestyle;

- the research has developed the aids to hide and help the daily life of an ostomate.


At the table with an ostomy: appetite and some precuations

Except for specific problems, one of the first good preoperative news, is that fruit and vegetables will still be part of the ostomate patient's diet.

Obviously with a lot of common sense especially during the first post-intervention weeks. In general it is important that an ostomate patient gradually tries to eat various foods, not fearing the possible reactions.

Even for the drinks you have to rely on the doctor and the same common sense that should lead anyone:

-  coffee and tea irritate, c

- sparkling drinks cause gas formation,

- beer can dilute the material coming out of the stoma

- alcohol can dry out and require us to drink more water.


Selfcare of yourself: hygiene, suitable ostomy belts and briefs

A correct and constant hygiene is essential to keep healthy peristomal skin. It is crucial scrupulously following the post-operative indications in order to not irritate the skin due to the material that infiltrates under the adhesive plaque. In this way  the bag will work properly and the  ostomate patient will be more confident, even in relation to others.

It is important to ask questions to the doctor and  not to be frightened if, for example, the bag swells or flattens: food precautions will be of great help and will become routine.



Move and travel with Ostomy
Even freely and safety moving in the various stages of life is no longer a problem: Ostomy Belts and briefs are now designed to support and distribute the weight of the bag preventing detachments and stomal hernias.

Orione Line, in particular, offers a very comfortable and wearable material in different versions

- men’s ostomy support brief

- women's ostomy support panties

-  unisex bands

- seamless ostomy support belts, to reduce the rubbing of the bag and reduce the noise.

The inner pocket ensures safe positioning of the bag and holds the secret you want to keep. The fabrics ensure the necessary compression to support the bag and, if you use an ostomy belt, also a further separation from the skin, especially if very sensitive.