The patellar knee cap helps when the knee needs a safe and effective support. It is used in particular by sportsmen –above all by those who practice running, basketball and skiing– but not only. In fact there are various situations of knee pain and fatigue in which the patellar knee brace becomes an indispensable aid to stabilize:

§  specific knee pathologies: cartilage lesions, muscle and tendon lesions, early arthrosis, gonarthrosis, patellofemoral syndrome;

§  post-operative and sports activity resumption.


Managing pain and not overloading the knee

An unstable knee is a real danger for the entire lower limb and obviously for the safety of the person. The patellar braces are designed to meet the different needs of patients and users.

Each patellar aid has mainly three functions: supporting the patella, braking the load and stabilizing the joint. A patellar knee band or a patellar knee support are in fact important to manage the pain: whether we use them to prevent, or whether we choose them to help us in the post-operative period.


Patellar knee band or patellar knee brace: how to choose and how to use

A patellar knee band is essential in particular for those suffering from certain pathologies: first of all the Osgood-Schlatter syndrome, typical of young age, and the patellar tendonitis of the patellar tendon. It is an apparently simple band, but very powerful. It is easy to wear and to position so that the padding goes over the Achilles tendon. The purpose is to discharge the forces that weigh on the upper part of the tibia.

Orione patellar knee band has a silicone presser and is covered in soft velour to guarantee wearability, breathability and comfort. And it is equipped with straps that allow you to better adjust the hold.

Patellar knee pads have nowadays specific characteristics for different needs.

A soft patellar knee support helps the knee to safely perform normal movements. It is used to prevent and treat minor traumas. We can choose a model with a patellar hole or one without a patellar hole to further stabilize the patella.

A rigid or semi-rigid patellar knee brace limits the movements especially after an important trauma or an operation. It is indispensable during rehabilitation. We can choose a knee support with flexible reinforcements or an open armed knee brace if we need to strongly control knee stability and flexion, for example after a cruciate ligament operation.