When we need a "second skin" to protect our already damaged skin from pressure or rubbing, we can safely use the Adhesive Pad Protector Orione OK PED in gel polymer.

Sometimes, in fact, our skin is thin and weak due to radio and chemotherapy or incontinence, or it is damaged by bedsores or rubbing on the wheelchair. Often, moreover, it is not easy to protect a wound due to an operation or a trauma, and also the surrounding skin. It is therefore necessary to protect our skin –damaged or intact but weak– from further rubbing and possible infections, from contact with water, or with disinfectants and body fluids.


How the polymer gel protections work

The Adhesive Pad Protector Orione OK PED is made of polymer gel and covered with a particular fabric. It is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive areas of the skin.

It adheres to the skin without glues and it is very pleasant to touch. It is also reusable several times: it sticks and detaches without pain, even in the presence of hair.

It is an ideal solution to prevent and alleviate pain due to pressure or rubbing. Prevents blistering and reduces the strain on injured skin.


You can reuse and cut-out. Always tactful to the touch

The Adhesive Pad Protector Orione OK PED in polymer gel are made in a single measure of 10 x 10 cm and can be easily cut-out: in this way they adapt to the size of the wound or part of the skin to be protected.

The possibility of reusing them several times also makes them very functional and practical.

Above all, those who use them for the first time, are pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness and lightness:

- the polymer gel surface that adheres to the skin is indeed delicate and waterproof and constitutes an effective barrier;

- the external surface in fabric is equally pleasant, elastic and robust.