Post-operative abdominal supports become a real second skin, an indispensable aid for full recovery after surgery.

It is essential that anyone who undergoes a surgical operation in the abdominal area scrupulously respects the doctor's prescription: both in purchasing the prescribed post-operative belt and in wearing it in the times and ways indicated.

When we are prescribed to wear post-operative abdominal supports it means that they are essential for the full recovery of muscle functions. It is therefore good to choose quality and breathable products and wear them with confidence for the indicated time.


Post-operative abdominal supports in stretch cotton: pay attention to height

Orione uses top quality yarns that guarantee tightness and comfort. It may be necessary to wear the post-operative sling for quite a long time and it is important that it ensures:

- estate

- shape

- skin perspiration

The post-operative abdominal supports must have the appropriate height for those who use them. When we choose a band we pay attention to the characteristics of circumference and height.


In case of abdominal relaxation

Often post-operative bands are prescribed in case of post-operative abdominal relaxation.

The muscles of the abdomen can in fact struggle to fully regain their tone and need support.


In the post-partum

Another situation in which post-operative bands and belts are prescribed is the post-partum phase. This may be necessary especially after a caesarean section.

Wearing a post-operative belt has a double beneficial effect:

- contains the risk of wound diastasis

- reduces the pain of the wound while certains moviments

- supports abdomen and back