Post-operative bra is the temporary or daily companion that can now be chosen with confidence by every woman: prefering Orione products guarantees total reliability in terms of fabric composition and compression design.

Choosing a model suitable for your post-operative course will strongly help the wound healing. Mastectomy, lumpectomy, risk of edema or specific needs: the surgeon's indications will help to identify the proper compression and model.


Efficiency: front opening and wide, openable, adjustable straps

A post-operative bra has to be comfortable and efficient: it has to help the rapid and total healing of the wound and should not promote edemas. We have therefore be able to wear it in a comfortable and simple way, even without the help of other people. The opening on the front and the adjustability of the straps are the essential characteristics that the Orione models have in common. The straps are adequately wide and the closure is with zip, hooks or velcro -without metal and therefore suitable also during radiotherapy- never in direct contact with wounded or irritated skin.

Comfort: seamless design and different compression
The skin is very sensitive after an operation mostly after mastectomy. We  have to prefer soft and seamless clothes, not potentially irritating to the wounds. 
At the same time, the skin and the muscles need a proper but different support. Compression and support have be different on the front areas around the breast and on the back: 
- high sides ensure support and lateral compression; 
- different width of the shoulder straps helps the cervical support.
Hygiene: breathable and latex-free fabrics

Another important feature, being an intimate garment in contact with wounded and irritated skin, is the breathability and hypoallergenicity of the fabrics.