Sheaths and slimming shorts are designed to shape the body by massaging the lower limbs or the abdomen thanks to specially designed technological fabrics. So, they work? The answer is yes. And they are not uncomfortable.

Benactiv Safte Line has been designed with a special technology, scientifically proven, that, thanks to the action of micromassage, helps to decrease the unaesthetic effect of the skin orange peel. The special composition of the triple layer fabric (fabric layer outside - latex of rubber - cotton internally) increase the local heat on the affected area and simultaneously exerts a constant micromassage obtaining the proper therapeutic effect.


How and why shorts and sheaths work

Cellulite is a condition that affects 90% of women and is originated in a circulatory problem. The result is a build up of fluid and the unsightly effect of orange peel skin.

Specialists recommend to wear the slimming shorts o the sheaths for a period of at least 2 months (about 8 hours a day in direct contact with the skin), after which it will be possible to appreciate an improvement on the skin appearance and the reduction of localized fat deposits.

Depending on your needs, you can choose shorts that wrap the abdomen up to under the breast or a slimming belt for the abdomen.

The use is the same. The choice is dictated by specific needs.


Diet and physical activity: your health at the center

However, we can not be settle for entrusting only to the work of an external tool: the accumulation of fluids and fat is given both by specific disorders, and above all by a sedentary lifestyle and unsuitable diet.

Slimming shorts and sheaths, especially if of excellence like Benactiv, really work, but you have to help your body to fight the causes of the problem.