A sprain is a trauma of the joints caused by inappropriate or inadequate movements, often due to the hurry. It is important to know how to act immediately after a trauma and also how to avoid a trauma if we know we have weak ankles. It is in fact today possible to use specific ankle supports to help particularly sensitive joints.


What to do after an ankle sprain

The pain caused by an ankle sprain is quite important, but above all it has to be treated so that the inflammation that causes it can heals as soon as possible and does not end up fatiguing the whole foot and obviously the leg.

It is therefore important to immediately apply ice packs on the inflamed ankle, apply a bruises and sprains cream and then tighten the ankle, possibly using a stabilizing ankle support. It is then inevitable to put your ankle to rest! Without an adequate rest, the problem will require more time to be solved and there will be more persistent consequences.


How to choose an ankle support: the Orione Line

The first aid of the ankles after a sprain is a stabilizing ankle support, perhaps an ankle support with separate stabilizing bandage with adjustable tension. It is a therapeutic support for ankle healing and usually adapts to all types of shoes and is also suitable while practicing sport. When there is a particular instability of the ligaments, an ankle support with shaped malleolar inserts can also be chosen.

When you need a strong support, in the first days after a major sprain or post-operative recovery when the ankle is very weak, you can choose an ankle brace with air paddings or an ankle brace with foam paddings. Orione offers both solutions with a bivalve external structure made of very light and resistant plastic material: the paddings are inflatable according to your needs, in the case of an ankle with air paddings, and with self-modeling inner paddings, in the case of an ankle support with foam pads.


While practising sport: do not underestimate the use of an ankle support

Coming back to sport after a trauma or following an intense training, it is useful to wear an ankle support with integrated taping band because during the movement can ensure better support and stability to the joints.

Orione offers an ankle support with integrated power band taping that hepls the biomechanical action of the movement reducing the effort of the joint and giving a feeling of protection and stability. The 3D design and cut of the thin and light fabric combined with elastomeric materials ensures a perfect fit.