Did you know that woolen knee pads, woll belts and shrugs are precious allies to face or prevent muscle pain, arthrosis and rheumatic problems during the winter months? 
Maybe if you want put together the need of support to a joint or the abdomen? It is important to be aware of this because numerous rheumatic and joint diseases worsen with the cold
or arise because we underestimate the damage caused by lowering temperatures.
Wool belts and shrugs: comfort and prevention
A merino wool belt that works well must give off warmth and be comfortable and wearable without hindrance under clothing.
▪ Must not roll up
▪ Must not go down
▪ It must be soft
▪ Must offer slightly containing versions
For those who want greater softness, Orione offers the version in soft angora wool. Those who need more support can instead choose a belt in wool and elastic fabric.
How to defend shoulders from arthrosis and muscle pain
The other area at high risk during the winter are the shoulders. Osteoarthritis, muscle pain and typical diseases of the elderly are always around the corner and we should not be caught unprepared. 
angora wool shrug is often the simple and comfortable solution.
It is easily worn under clothing, daily and even in winter sports, and we can count on a healthy, continuous and well distributed warmth; and on total freedom of movement.
Elbow band and knee: safe thanks to angora
Elbow band and angora wool knee band, like wool bands and shrugs, are healthy both for everyday life and for sport. During winter, sports are often given up fearing the damage 
of the cold on already compromised or healing joints. This can be an unsuitable choice because it makes both, the joints and the muscles that support them, lazy.
An angora wool knee or elbow pads are the appropriate solution because they are warm and light, do not 'sting' and adhere perfectly to the body without rolling up. 
You can move freely by protecting the joint from the harsh climate.
And if you need a stronger support, you can choose the greater vigor of a knee band in elastic fabric and wool.

Last but not least, our feet and their difficulties during the cold months: a thermal insole in wool will solve many problems, offering comfort and warmth.