Angora and Wool Elbow and Knee bands, and belts and shrug are important allies against muscular, rheumatic and arthrosic pain during the winter. 
They are in fact garments that turn into valuable allies to face and prevent problems related to the cold that can be not only annoying, but also painful.
The wool, and the angora wool of Belts and Shoulder Covers in wool and Elbow Bands, Knee bands in angora wool of Orione,
is a so-called "traditional material" to rediscover and enhance.
 Is in fact
- effective
- thin and invisible under clothes

Daily life and sport without pain: band, elbow band, wool knee band
Many rheumatic and joint diseases worsen in the first cold weather because we underestimate the damage of low temperatures.
During the winter it happens to give up sport for fear of the damage of the cold on compromised or healing joints. 
This can be an unsuitable choice because it makes both the joints and muscles lazy.
Wearing an angora wool elbow band or an angora kneeband is a suitable solution:
- they are warm and light
- do not 'sting'
- they perfectly adhere to the body without rolling up
When you need support: stretch fabric and wool
Instead of giving up going out or playing sports, you can protect your joints from the harsh climate. And if a support is needed, you can choose:
- a woolen knee band 
- a merino wool belt with light elastic restraint
- or wool belt that combines warmth, support and restraint if you need stronger support
The feet must also be protected during the winter: a thermal insole, an extra wool and latex insole can guarantee comfort and warmth to our feet.
Wool and angora wool: precious and healthy hug
Orione offers not only wool, but also precious angora wool. Angora wool elbow band, knee band, a belt or a shoulder cover in angora wool 
are extremely thin and extremely warm. Angora wool is soft and "does not sting".
The shoulders and the lumbar area are also at great risk during the winter. They are subject to osteoarthritis, muscle pain and even old age pathologies. 
An angora wool shrug is a simple and comfortable solution. It is easily worn under clothing, even in sports activities, and gives a beneficial,
continuous and well-distributed warmth
. And it doesn't prevent movement.

To protect the lumbar area we can easily resort to a woolen lumbar support band: Orione guarantees a comfortable and wearable garment without hindrance under clothing.