A really stable wrist support,  but light, comfortable and easy to wear autonomously. Orione Wrist Support with palmar splint finally meets these characteristics. It uses the BOA System closure, used by the most exclusive sports shoes brands:

- one click to press and close

- a slight movement to turn the wheel and simultaneously control its 3 closing points. To tighten or spread evenly and without help.

How many times it happened to struggle to comfortably and effectively wear a wrist brace, trying and trying it alone and with little success.


An innovative wrist brace with palmar splint

An effective wrist brace acts on at least 3 points and has as many closures. It is therefore quite difficult to adjust each closure adequately to the swelling and pain. Once a lock is in place, the next one is moved, but often, by placing one, the other is narrow or wide or not really comfortable. The procedure is further complicated when we have to wear the wrist brace alone, without help.

Orione Wrist Support is innovative in the landscape of the hand aids, as it is:

- easy to close, open and adjust

- comfortable for shapes and materials with which it is made

- stable thanks to the palm-shaped metal splint, shaped according to the limb

- available for right and left hand and in 4 sizes


Indications of Orione art.244 whit BOA System

BOA System is the innovative system for perfect closure and adjustment. Goodbye closures with laces and straps:just one click and simply turn the wheel to tighten or loosen the wrist support in a personalized way.

That is why the Orione Wrist Support art.244 is suitable for the following uses:

- Stabilization and immobilization of the wrist

- Distortions

- Arthritic forms

- Tendinitis

- Carpal tunnel

- Fatigue due to work activities

- Support during sports activities